For investors

A high-quality product, an increasing customer demand and elaborate marketing ensure a very interesting form of investment.

The increasing demand has to be satisfied. Therefore, we offer an interesting investment option – purchasing your own contactless car wash station, with a very interesting return on investment.

Main features include:


  •  High profits
  •  Low operating costs
  •  Quick return on investment
  •  Trouble-free operation 365 days a year
  •  German high quality and long lifespan
  •  Easy controllability

Contactless car washing is a very sought-after service abroad. We are the exclusive sales representative of the German manufacturer FRANK (FRANK company history), one of the most high-quality European contactless car wash stations manufacturers, for Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Technical base, fully developed electronic controls and anti-corrosion materials guarantee trouble-free operation and long lifespan. Available programs are adapted for optimal cleaning and vehicle preservation with regard to protection of the vehicle surface. In terms of features and effectiveness, contactless car wash stations meet all requirements of operators and users. Thanks to the fully automatic frost protection system, you can rely on profit throughout the whole year.

We possess many years of experience in this area and we offer complete consultancy and planning, including the designing works, a possibility to arrange a building permit, implementation and delivery of production units, as well as turnkey projects. In case of interest, we are also able to provide funding.

Warranty and post-warranty service is a standard offered to our customers.


Sales Director
Vojtěch Smyčka
Cellphone: +420 775 677 177
E-mail: info (a) frank-czechia tecka cz

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