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Bright rainbow joint stock company is the exclusive sales representative of the German company FRANK which is one of the most  European  manufacturers of high-quality technology for self-service washing stations, steam cleaners, high pressure washers in history.
As part of the expansion to further European markets, FRANK has established subsidiaries for Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.


The technology of contactless car washing is a well-known and a very sought-after service abroad. And therefore a high-quality product, an increasing customer demand and elaborate marketing ensure a very interesting form of investment.


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History of FRANK GmbH

FRANK GmbH, a manufacturer of high-pressure and steam cleaner pads of the highest quality, which belongs into former "Frank'sche Eisenwerke, Adolfshütte" company, has a long tradition.

It is based in the town of Sinn-Fleisbach, one hour by car from Frankfurt am Main.
"Schmiedehammer bei Niederscheld" company was founded in August 1607 by Count George of Count of Nassau – a nephew of William of Orange.

The company became one of the biggest factories and later on iron works and produced much needed materials, such as nails and wires.

In 1839, the company was bought by Christian Frank, and in 1927 it has been renamed to "Frank'sche Eisenwerke GmbH, Adolfshütte". After total destruction during the second world war, the company has been completely reconstructed.

In 1994, "Frank'sche Eisenwerke", the main employer in the region, filed for bankruptcy.
The successor company, today's Frank GmbH, has been allowed to keep the name of FRANK.


Today, Frank GmbH is a company which specializes in manufacturing steam cleaners of the highest quality, high-pressure wash stations and self-service wash stations. FRANK keeps international business representation in more than 30 countries, it provides services in agriculture, transport industry, food industry and automotive industry.

Due to the fusion with a British company Osprey Deepclean in 2008, FRANK now belongs to the OSPREYFRANK GROUP. This has resulted in the position of the worldwide leader in cleaning.