Car wash station accessories

We are progressively manufacturing new accessories which will enhance your services and provide advantage over your competition.

The following accessories are available now: steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, rug beaters, waste bins, Caramba chemistry, tire cleaning brushes, etc.

Steam cleaning

SteamForce 3 steam cleaner

SteamForce 3 industry steam cleaner is a successor of the successful Vega Plus model which became an integral part of cleaning equipment of dozens of cleaning companies and food plants. This model is supplied even with an integral vacuum cleaner unit.

Standard equipment includes a wide selection of attachments. Thanks to its robust construction and compact size, SteamForce 3 steam cleaner is suitable for everyday use in industry plants and cleaning companies.


SteamForce 20 steam cleaner


SteamForce 20 industry steam cleaner offers a massive cleaning impact of dry steam under pressure of 10 bar, and it has a robust construction to ensure long lifespan. It is the most powerful electrical steam cleaner with a boiler on the market. Extremely dry and high-quality steam for cleaning and sanitation of production lines in food and industry plants. Alternatively, it is possible to equip the steam cleaner with a vacuum cleaner unit. This model is a successor of Galaxy and Cosmos models.


ProVap GUMCART chewing gum removal machine

GUMBUSTERS, professional and world-wide commercially successful technology for chewing gum removal. Dry steam with a special eco-friendly cleaner removes chewing gums quickly and completely. All that is left is a wet surface which will evaporate in a while.





  • • Pro Clean SB Pulver (powder)
  • • Pro Clean Heisswachs (wax)
  • • CA Intensiv Teer – Entferner PFA (tar cleaning)
  • • CA Aktiv Felgenreiniger und Flugrostentferner (wheels cleaning)



Tire cleaning brushes

  • Vikan ergonomic brush, 320 mm
  • Vikan brush, wheel rim cleaning, 290 mm
  • Vikan brush, wheel rim cleaning, 335 mm with 65 mm diameter
  • A-Clean pressure atomizer
  • Vikan brush with bent construction, 280 mm
  • Vikan telescopic handle 1500-2750 mm



Rug beaters