Contactless car wash stations

Contactless car washing is a very sought-after service abroad.

Everybody who has seen this technology for the first time asked a question what "contactless" actually means when it comes to car washing. Contactless washing uses pressurized water with special micro-powder. This way, the paint is not damaged as when washed by brushes. Contactless car washing is a completely comprehensive technology, from the very first dirt rinse right to the final rinse with demineralized water with a shine effect. The result is a clean and shiny car bodywork.

Feel free to try the technology of contactless washing – it is easy and the result will surpass your expectations. You will never want to wash your car by any other means. Minimum of 5 integrated washing programs!

The contactless car wash station includes a technical container and wash boxes which can be combined in any possible number. Every box is equipped with its own separate technological module. When a malfunction of one technological module occurs, the rest of the wash boxes remain operational.

TECHNICAL CONTAINER (machinery room):

  • Wash station – 1 module per 1 wash box (includes a pump, dispenser, cartridge, switch panel)
  • Water heater – Belgian ACV condensing boilers for water heating with the possibility to connect underfloor heating (gas, LTO) – savings up to 30%!
  •  CAT 350 high pressure pump with ceramic plungers
  •  Capacity 900 l/h – 130 bar
  •  Dual water softener with automatic regeneration without delivery interruption
  •  Reverse osmosis system – pre-softened water is completely demineralized when using the "Drying with polishing agent application" program
  •  Anti-frost protection of the washing stations – ensures anti-frost protection of the device
  •  Electrical switchboard with the Siemens control unit (remote access)
  •  Fuel tank with a release valve and surface control




 5 washing programs

  •  Pre-wash
  •  Wash (active foam / micro-powder)
  •  Rinsing
  •  Hot wax
  •  Final rinsing with osmosis water

The technology allows washing with active foam.


 Wash box

  • Pivot arms with 360° rotation – hot-dip galvanized, with a pivot connector and lightened spring traction for installing a spray gun on the wall or ceiling (possibility to install stainless arms)
  • High-pressure water spray guns – with the anti-frost protection bypass and a spraying attachment with special ceramic nozzles with nozzle protection.
  •  Stainless steel holders – to dry up the wash spray guns with the anti-frost bypass
  •  Service panel and payment terminal

Additional equipment

  •  Chip card system, a card reader for rechargeable chip cards with a special code and display to indicate value
  •  Remote access
  •  Contactless payment system

Roof system

The roof system we offer is certified and resistant to all weather conditions. The design and advertising area solution is provided as per customers' wish. More than 30 colors, multiple sizes and designs in 3 basic variants are at your disposal. 







  • There is a possibility to choose colors to match the concept of your company and apply the advertisement and logo according to your needs.
  •  New Dibond attic with LED lights.



Base plate

As the only contactless car wash stations supplier in the Czech Republic, we supply prefabricated floor with an installation channel under the car wash station with the possibility to change or repair technical installations. We are the only supplier of this solution in the central Europe.

The wash section plate made of reinforced concrete is manufactured in compliance with the CE regulations and it comes with the floor heating and special thermal insulation. These plates are characteristic by high-quality concrete and anti-slip corundum surface. Stability of the base features, wall protectors, and the base belt is adapted to the steel construction to prevent usage of unnecessary additional parts of the steel construction.

  •  Installation channel with a complete drainage system under the car wash station for potential maintenance or installation change
  •  Frost resistant protection of the channel






Payment terminal


Operating box made of stainless steel with innovative design and a backlit company logo or name.

Operation options

  •  Electronic coin machine, chip card reader, banking card reader (all is protected against weather conditions by a removable cover)
  •  Safety is ensured by a security casing made of 4mm steel sheet
  •  Emergency ON-OFF switch
  •  Backlit piezoelectric programmable buttons resistant to weather conditions

More information on features and possibilities of the payment terminal can be found here!


Additional accessories

For contactless car wash stations, we also offer various additional equipment or necessary material suitable for operation, such as: steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, rug beaters, waste bins, Caramba chemistry, tire cleaning brushes, etc.

More information about the additional accessories is to be found here.