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    Fast return on investment


    High profit
    low costs


     Long lifespan

  •  Trouble-free operation 365

    days a year

  • More than 30

    wash stations around the Czech Republic


    and post-warranty


 Our services

We offer complete consultancy and planning, including the designing works, a possibility to arrange a building permit, implementation and delivery of production units, as well as turnkey projects.

We are the exclusive sales representative of the manufacturer Frank, one of the most high-quality European manufacturers in history, for Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The technology of contactless car washing is a well-known and a very sought-after service abroad.

Advantageous investment

High profits

Low operating costs

Quick return on investment

Trouble-free operation 365 days a year

Long lifespan

A high-quality product, an increasing customer demand for contactless washing and elaborate marketing with a very interesting return on investment period ensure a very interesting form of investment.

If you want to know more, contact us here.


Warranty and post-warranty service is a standard offered to our customers.

The equipment service is guaranteed by the service agreement within 24 hours after reporting the malfunction..


actual / actual constructions

Newly even truck cleaning

Soon you will have the opportunity to use contactless cleaning for trucks and lorries with us.

Contactless payment system

Our customers can newly pay with contactless payment cards which are nowadays in wallets of most of us.